Why Us

Why should you buy from Star Deals Gallery Pte Ltd?

1-Bid Guaranteed COE With No Top Ups - We will bid during the next COE bidding exercise the moment you have placed a deposit for the vehicle you are purchasing. If you have purchased a vehicle not in ready stock, we will bid during the next COE bidding exercise the moment your vehicle arrives at our showroom. Star Deals Gallery believes 1-bid guaranteed COE is fairest to our customers as we do not want our customers to wait too long for a vehicle they have purchased.

COE Rebates - We offer COE rebates for every vehicle purchased. As it fluctuates after every COE bidding, kindly check with our sales consultants on the latest COE rebates @ 6464 9697.

3 Years / 100,000km Warranty - Star Deals Gallery have been working hand-in-hand with Optima Werkz since 2010 to provide our customers with a peace of mind when it comes to maintaining and providing warranty for our vehicles. Optima Werkz have invested the necessary diagnostic systems for all kinds of vehicles, therefore they do not have any issues handling vehicles from different classes.


Detailed Breakdown Of Vehicle Specifications - During the finalisation of a new car purchase, our friendly sales consultant will go through with you on the specifications the vehicle comes with, and discuss if there are any other further options the customer would like to add on. After clarification, the vehicle specifications document will be signed to confirm the required specifications by the customer, in which the customer will also be given a copy of their own. This prevents misunderstandings between the company and customers upon arrival of the vehicle. We believe in honesty & transparency and would not like misunderstandings to spoil the relationship.

Latest Models - Star Deals Gallery provides customers with the latest models in the industry. If you are looking for a vehicle that is not on the roads yet, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call. We will do our best to provide you with the specifications and price of the vehicle.

All About Trust, No Gimmicks - We believe when customers are prepared to place a deposit, they do not want to entertain gimmicks. Star Deals Gallery offers deals with no gimmicks. For example, we will not tell you a Mercedes-Benz is an AMG model when it only has AMG sports rims. If we can tell you what it is, we mean what we say.

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